All of the below clients are real people (just like YOU) who have taken the steps they needed in order to feel confident in who they are. Each of these beautiful humans are well on their way to creating the life of their dreams and you can too! But don't take my word for it, I'll let you hear it directly from them...

get out of your own way and start living your best life now.

"In our very first session together, Summer opened my mind to what might be blocking me or 'getting in my own way.' Not only that; she connected the dots between my experiences and self-reflections in a way that gave me completely new insight.… all the while being professional and judgment-free. I would highly recommend working with Summer!" 
-Cory Welsh, Senior Enablement Lead @ LinkedIn

"Summer gave me completely new insight."

"Working with Summer has been a truly enriching experience-she is very solution oriented but also brings empathy and thoughtfulness into her approach. She strikes the right balance of asking questions and listening while also providing valuable insight into her own experiences. She's been able to help me hone in on areas of my life that I’d like to see improvements in and come up with an actionable plan. Summer is a strong leader and someone who advocates for my personal and professional growth in a completely judgement-free and approachable way. I couldn’t recommend her enough to anyone looking for the same growth journey."
-Mala Neti, Senior Software Engineering Manager @ Slack

"It's a truly rewarding experience"

"I can't imagine a better thought partner and catalyst for growth! Summer has super powers on many levels, but I particularly admire her unique way of navigating difficult and complex circumstances by asking the right questions to unlock clarity and purpose. She's been a huge part of my continued path learning to lead consciously. If you've ever wondered how coaching might change your life holistically, then Summer is the person you should meet!"
-Hana Wilson, Chief of Staff @ Talkable

"Working with Summer is a catalyst for growth"

"Summer is an unbelievable mentor and coach. She’s extremely invested in my on-going development and growth and pushes me to uncover my own goals and purpose. She is polished, professional, and a great listener. I am unbelievably grateful for Summer’s support, encouragement, and guidance."
-Hayden Sohr, Director of Sales Development @ Vimeo

"Summer is an unbelievable mentor and coach"

"Summer provided perspective on how to navigate a tough job transition and gave beneficial insight on launching my own business. She gave an approachable and empathetic format to push me towards my goals. I genuinely enjoyed the whole coaching process and found all of Summer’s advice super helpful!"
-Jill Renjilian, Co-Owner @ Chicago Common Studio

"I Genuinely enjoyed the whole coaching process"

"When I first started working with Summer, I felt like a passenger in my career. If I would ask for something that I needed at work, and wouldn’t hear back, I would let things fall by the wayside because I was scared to be seen as bothersome. After working with Summer for 3 months, I now feel like I’m in the driver’s seat of my career. I am more confident to ask for what I want and to advocate for myself. Summer helped me to realize my inherent value and encouraged me to go after what I want in my life and my career!"
-Elizabeth Ul, Associate @ Hirsch

"Working with Summer is like Career Therapy!"

"I had never done coaching before working with Summer and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My fear was that it would be a rigid process and that I would have to stay on a plan, but with Summer, it was anything but that. It was customized to guide me and unpack how I’m feeling while leaving a lot of open space for both successes and failures along the way. I always felt like Summer was open to pivoting if something wasn’t working, we wouldn’t just try again, we would examine why it wasn’t working to figure out a better path and what worked for me as an individual." 
-Nicolet Lubarsky

"Accountability without the shame!"

"Created with Confidence has helped me navigate some really big career decisions by understanding what I value most out of my career. Summer's experience and expertise came through in her thoughtful and honest feedback, and I look forward to her guidance as I continue to grow my company."
-Ross Renjilian, Co-Owner @ Chicago Common Studio

"Summer has helped me navigate some big CAREER decisions"

"Summer helped me rediscover my sense of ownership over my future. Having her as an accountability partner, listener, advisor, and cheerleader helped me work through fears and worries that had limited me in my personal and professional life for years. She supported me in setting an ambitious vision for our time together and was present every step of the way to help me examine my long-held self-beliefs and rewrite my personal narrative. She is deeply kind, empathetic, and thoughtful and creates space for deep self-exploration and reflection. I loved working with her and found the experience to be truly transformative."
-Samantha Goldstein, Owner & Principal Consultant @ StoryShifted, LLC

"Summer helped me rediscover my inner voice"


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