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Tired of going in circles with your team? Ready to foster deeper trust and reduce unnecessary drama? Gain the skillset and tools to empower your team to have vulnerable, direct conversations. Leverage personality differences, strengths and clearly identify roles and responsibilities so your team can move faster and feel more confident in the decisions you make. 

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ways to work together

Meeting & Workshop facilitation

Workshops can focus on career progression, aligning decisions with values and burnout recovery and prevention. Summer will work with you to customize the content and focus on key areas necessary for your team to feel empowered and energized throughout the session. 

Team building workshops can be tailored to your team's needs and range from building trust to increasing communication and candor across your teams. We can also incorporate personality typing in order to strengthen collaboration and synergy.

Summer facilitates meetings, executive off-sites, and strategy planning sessions to raise the level of openness, connection, and satisfaction of your team. Due to her experience as an operator, she can look at the team and the business from the outside and the inside simultaneously.

Don't see what you're looking for? Custom packages tailored to you and your organization are available - just ask.

All events can be virtual via Google Meet or in person. while I'm located in SAN FRANCISCO/THE BAY AREA, I am available to travel (travel expenses will be charged in addition to the session facilitation). 

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